Client Testimonials

instructor teaching woman how to use pilates reformer

I first made an appointment with the staff at Puget Sound Pilates in October, 2013, because I was suffering from chronic back pain. I had tried massage and chiropractic, but realized that I needed to work on my core strengthening to help resolve my issues.

The instructors at Puget Sound Pilates are fantastic and really know what they're doing. They were able to identify issues that I needed to work on and carefully tailor a program for me that not only helped my back pain but helped make me stronger and healthier in general.

I'm still working with the staff now and look forward to my weekly sessions. I'm extremely grateful to Val and the other instructors there for providing such a great service.

- Mike M.

I was horribly out of shape, hadn’t exercised in years, and didn’t much want to start.  That’s the point where Valerie and I began.  With my first shocked look at the equipment I said, “I can’t do this.”  “Sure you can,” she replied.  That was more than a year ago, and I’ve been doing Pilates with Valerie ever since.  No matter where you are on the fitness scale, Pilates can work with you and for you.  Valerie is expert at tailoring every movement to your needs and abilities … then giving you a little push to go just a bit farther and do just a bit more.  For every time I’ve said, “oh, there is NO way!” she’s said, “just give it a try.”  And she’s right.  One of the great by-products of exercise is gaining confidence in your physical self.  Valerie’s coaching really supports that with her positive encouragement and gentle “cues.”  I appreciate and benefit from all the trainings she attends to keep her skills sharp and to learn new practices.  I plan to continue Pilates with Valerie for years to come.

- Patty S.

When you and I started, my goals were simple. I am a below-knee amputee and I wanted to strengthen my injured leg in order to walk better. I wanted a better gait and stride. That goal was accomplished by the 15th session. I kept going because there were other improvements I was noticing. My injured leg was no longer shriveled. My body started looking symmetrical. My waistline was starting to be more discernible and my posture significantly straightened. I was sleeping better, too. No more leg cramps in the middle of the night. When I slept on my side, my shoulders, arms, and hands no longer became numb. I was encouraged to keep going.

- Sherry J.

I had every intention of only taking the three intro Pilates sessions and being done - but Pilates quickly made a commitment to me. Every time I went, I felt better, moved better, even felt like I looked better. On mornings that I just don't want to go, I think at then end of my session, "Why would I ever not want to do this?" It's challenging, but with a purpose beyond what a traditional exercise class gives you. I have regained a lot of my flexibility, improved my movement, while working with someone completely focused on my needs. I'm very appreciative of Valerie's encouragement and personal interest.

- C. F.